NutriScience Gastro Care Gel Neutralise Acid L-Glutamine Gut Health Supplement

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These concentrated fast action syringes utilize a rapidly absorbed gel formulation to control excess acid & protect the stomach. They're a useful support if the Gastro Care powder is being fed on a daily basis. However, they can be used as a 'one off' in stressful situations where a colic symptoms or discomfort are displayed, as well as traveling, staying away at competitions or other times routine is disrupted.

Gastro Care 60% of sports horses and 90% of racehorses experience gastric problems due to low volume bulk feed & high grain diets, Gastro Care contains natural buffers & L-Gutamine to help counteract the effect of modern feeding practices. Can also help Crib Biters & Wind Suckers.

How does GastroCare work?

1. Glutamine - Promotes stomach lining growth and repair.
2. Carbonates (Sodium & Calcium) - Buffers excess gastric acid and maintains stomach PH.
3. Lecithin pectin apple fibre complex.
4. Dicalcium phosphate.
5. Provides a source of calcium and phosphorus.

Nutritional Information...

Crude Carbohydrate 40%

Crude Protein 26%

Crude Oils & Fats <0.5%

Crude Fibre 7%

Crude Ash 23%

Moisture 4%


Available in 60ml syringes (Sold in packs of 2.)

One syringe is to be given every six hours. The gel may be used for immediate relief.

The benefit of the gel is that it can be given without food e.g. when traveling or during shows, when extra stress and periods of fasting can exacerbate gastric upset.

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