Horseware Dry Liner Under Rug Breathable Technical Drying Moisture Wicking Liner

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This Horseware® Dry Liner (50g Light) is every horse owner's dream rug! Drying sweaty horses quickly and efficiently - saving you time and effort. Designed to eliminate the need to use a separate moisture-wicking rug after exercise, you attach this liner to your Horseware® turnout or stable rug and it does the job of drying your horse while they enjoy their field time. No more waiting around for your horse to completely dry before dressing them for the field, giving them total comfort, and giving you peace of mind.

The breathable liner consists of a sophisticated triple-layered fabric construction which creates the perfect conditions for excellent moisture evaporation to help to dry your horse even when fully blanketed without creating a damp environment inside your turnout rug. Here's how it works:

Layer 1: A moisture-wicking ultra-soft polar fleece supports your horses' natural ability to wick moisture away from the skin while providing ultimate comfort.

Layer 2: 50g high loft fibrefill is layered in the middle to help drive moisture created by your horse's body heat further away from your horse, assisting in moisture evaporation and keeping your horse warm.

Layer 3: The top layer consists of a 3D 'airmesh' for improved air circulation, giving increased airspace within its fabric construction, sustaining warmth and further aiding moisture evaporation, preventing your outer rug from becoming damp or your horse from feeling a chill.

With dual leg arches for freedom of movement and a simple and secure Velcro front closure along with clips at the back to secure, this liner is a must for your rug accessories!

Available in Navy/Silver in 5'6' - 7'3'

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